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  • We are based in Boulder and have worked with you in the past for our ski titles and other brands, and find the quality of interns and students from CU is much higher than some of the other schools who have sent us interns.
    —Joshua Rashkin, Digital Director, Outdoor Group, Active Interest Media
  • I landed my dream internship in the features department at Seventeen magazine! It was such an incredible opportunity and I even got a bunch of my ideas published.
    —Chloe Chase (MA'14)
  • What do you do as a journalism student who strives to play in the big leagues of political reporting? You turn your eyes and ears to Washington, D.C. A year ago, I sat on my parent’s porch in rural Northern Germany, getting ready to pack up my life and move to Colorado. Today, I sit at my desk in the NBC newsroom in Washington, D.C.—talk about a life-changing experience.
    —Lars Gesing ('15)
  • Thanks for helping with establishing such a strong base of talent here at CU!
    —Joe Corr, Principal, School Advertising Agency
  • I attended my first ever career fair as a junior. I'm so glad I did because that was what got me my internship working for CU Athletics.
    —Lauren Lake ('15)
  • My internship helped connect me with people who will prove helpful in job searches and applications down the road. My supervisors did a great job of challenging me, but also providing me with guidance and resources needed to succeed. My internship definitely expanded my horizons and career aspirations.
    —Kendall Brunette (MA '14)
  • I want to thank you for all your advice along the way. I have no doubt that was a critical part of me landing my dream job. I am beyond thrilled!
    —Lauren Lanier ('13)
  • We couldn't have been happier with Lars Gesing's reporting, writing, and research for the NBC Political Unit during the 2014 midterm season. He was a real asset for us.
    —Mark Murray, Senior Political Editor, NBC News
  • I'm writing to express my sincere appreciation to you and the department for the career fair held on the evening of Monday, March 14. The organizations present provided a very broad range of opportunities, and not just for graduating seniors. I was able to meet with magazine, radio and television representatives that night. As a result of meeting with some television representatives, I was contacted the following week to be interviewed and taped for analysis of the terror attacks in Brussels. Had I not attended the career fair, I would not have added to my clip reel. Another benefit of the career fair was a studio tour I set up with a Denver television news station. While touring their studio, the subject of internships came up, and I was offered a paid internship for next fall. Everyone has something to gain from attending the career fair. You won't know all the good that can come from it until you show up and follow up.
    —Mitch Utterback, Graduate Student

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